Thursday, December 27, 2007

Year 3, Sem 1 Modules

Project (EE2001) - A-

Okay..Don't ask me how! I guess my group was - to put it simply - awesome!! Well, this is one of the most important modules in our engineering course. Weighed at 6MCs, this module has the effect of tipping your CAP towards the grade you get in it. The theme for our project this time was - Airport of the Future. Well, the beauty of this module is that there are absolutely no lectures and no tutorials. As the description says, it is simply a project module. You are given a theme, a budget (of SGD400) and a tutor to guide you along the way. No restrictions on imagination. No so-called 'guidelines.' So in some ways, its awesome and in other ways, its just plain scary.
This is a group project - with 4/3 team mates. So yeah, firstly choose people you're comfortable working with. Long hours are inevitable and having friends with whom you can converse comfortably - whose recreational interests are similar to yours (listening to songs) matter a lot. Secondly, take your tutor into confidence. Use him. Our tutor (Mr. Sahoo) was amazing and he was always there to guide us, answer our questions and give useful feedback. Mr Henry Tan (who was the co-ordinator) was also equally amazing. Befriending the helpful lab-technician isn't too bad either. We actually went to the airport, saw the entire place from a new angle and then drafted out our ideas for implementation - which we discussed with our tutor. He helped us eliminate a few and gave us new ideas as well. One thing to remember is that the CAs inbetween are as important as your final product. Make your submissions on time, let your imagination roam and you're sure to ace this one. Knowing a little VB will definitely help - and yeah..use toys! They're the easiest ways to make things in your project look cool and work well.

Engineering Professionalism (EG2401) - A

Well, its a 3MC module that's all about Engineering Ethics. 'Dya want me to say more? Well, yeah, its one of those modules which you've got to study - stuff about ethical situations you may face in your workplace - that kinda thing. Its very intuitive. Therez a major project - which is group teamwork as well. (Thanks to my wonderful team-mates here as well!) Our project was on Global Warming - how it is a pressing environmental ethical issue which engineers face today. If you are really interested though, theres a lot of interesting stuff that you can learn.

Bio-Instrumentation and Signal Analysis (EE3601) - A-

If you're someone with a slightly good bio background and have an ability to mug stuff - this is the module for you! Highly scoring and pretty interesting too. You learn quite a lot about the emerging field of Bio-medical engineering and some really interesting stuff about how engineers can contribute to the instrumentation systems - like the BCI - or the brain computer interface. Stephen Hawking uses one such system and if you're really into the subject, there are some wonderful books in the library to read! The Indian lecturer is very friendly too! :-)

Integrated Analog IC design (EE3408) - B+

Well, if you think itz going to be a module like its pre-requisite (EE2005) , you're quite off the mark. While you need all the knowledge from the pre-req, this module aims at teaching you how to design Analog amplifiers. It is an extremely interesting module, which is really beautifully designed - to teach you what are the available sub-designs and how you can optimize performance for a specific application by choosing and assembling the right ones. The project teaches you a lot - provided you put in the required effort throughout the semester. By using a virtual software - WinSpice . But overall, its a very tough module.

Introduction to Literary Studies (GEK1000)- S (B+)

I really really enjoyed this module! Its an Arts Gem - which is a compulsory university requirement for Engineering students. The first part of the module deals with poetry . I'm usually the kind of person that writes poetry - I never have the patience to read classical poems (so ironical right?!) but I discovered that I enjoy reading 'em after all! The second half dealt with novels - we read the first ever detective fiction in the history of English (The Moonstone - by Wilkie Collins) and a novel released in 2004 (Nervous Conditions - Tsitsi Dangarembga). It was amazing to observe certain similarities in the novels! while appreciating their unique styles of expression in different times. The third part basically dealt with dramas and we read 2 dramas - The Tempest (Shakespeare) and Oedipus Rex (Sophocles). As I'd read Shakespeare earlier, it was Oedipus Rex that really impressed me. I was amazed to learn about Greek theatre and I've resolved to read more Greek Plays - only 33 of which still remain! A very very informative module and I had a great tutor (Ms. Santos) as well! I mean, who wouldn't love to read stories for assignments!!!

Overall, it was my best sem ever in NUS! I got a SAP of 4.47 and my CAP is now 4.13 (yeah..the same .09 rise! What is it with me and that number I don't know!!) Anyways, one thing I've realized is that the next sem is the only time I can really really make an impression on my CAP. I mean 4th year is hardly going to count and so I hope that really inspires me to study hard next sem! :-)

Friday, August 3, 2007